You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail

            This Donald Trump Jr. stuff is going to make for a really good Academy Award nominated film in about ten years. Trump the Older will be played by some method actor who will decide to Nair the top of his head, and be referred to as “The Donald” for the entirety of shooting. Trump the Younger could be portrayed by one of 2027’s bankable white male actors. We’ll have options, I’m sure.

            Either way, between the allegations of collusion concerning the 2016 election and the nonexistent Great Wall of MAGA, we are saturated with dope cinematic fare. Possible titles include, but are certainly not limited to: How America Got Trumped, We Cried Over Cheetos, and The Fault in Our Emails. The Cheeto title is my personal favorite, but given the scandal surrounding emails regarding both the past election and current administration, the email one may prevail.

Post-Election Night

Post-Election Night

Whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being, the College Democrats of New York will be doing whatever we can to see them elected, because we are a party that believes we are defined by our ability to come together, despite our personal disagreements. We are a party of unity, not shouting, showboating, or demagoguery.

It’s going to take serious organizing - registering voters, making phone calls, and knocking on doors. But I’m confident we can get it done.

See you in 2016.

Join the CDNY Team! - Appointed Leadership Application

The College Democrats of New York are looking for progressive, energetic, and committed college students to join our executive board. With your help, together we can amplify our voices and elect like-minded individuals throughout New York!

The available positions are as follows:

Caucus Chairs: Women, LGBT, People of Color (2), Labor

Caucus Chairs will be responsible for developing relationships with related interest groups in the state as well as organizing programming around important issue for our chapters. Applicants should be active members of their respective College Democrats chapter and have a passion for the issues effecting their chosen group.

Deputy Development Director

The Deputy Development Director will be responsible for assisting the Development Director in all aspects of CDNY's fundraising operation. This includes event planning, assisting with the alumni recurring donors program, and donor research. Applicants should be active members of their respective College Democrats chapter and feel comfortable soliciting donations.

Deputy Communications Director

The Deputy Communications Director will be responsible for assisting the Communications Director in traditional or new media. This includes drafting press releases, assisting with CDNY's social media presence, and creating content for the CDNY website. Applicants should be active members of their respective College Democrats chapter and have a passion for tradition or new media.


The deadline to apply for these positions is Wednesday, May 20th at 11:59 PM. Questions? Contact CDNY President Jamie Zieno at