College Democrats of New York

College Democrats of New York is the official college outreach wing of the New York State Democratic party. As an affiliate of College Democrats of America, our goal is to empower young progressives one student at a time. We are committed to electing strong progressive Democrats in the state of New York and across the country.

2017 CDA Convention Recap

This past weekend, members of the College Democrats of New York (CDNY) attended the 2017 College Democrats of America’s (CDA) Convention in Las Vegas. With well over 100 students present, CDNY had the unique opportunity to speak with College Democrats from across the country and learn about innovative ways to strengthen the progressive voice of college students.

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You’ve Got Mail

            This Donald Trump Jr. stuff is going to make for a really good Academy Award nominated film in about ten years. Trump the Older will be played by some method actor who will decide to Nair the top of his head, and be referred to as “The Donald” for the entirety of shooting. Trump the Younger could be portrayed by one of 2027’s bankable white male actors. We’ll have options, I’m sure.

            Either way, between the allegations of collusion concerning the 2016 election and the nonexistent Great Wall of MAGA, we are saturated with dope cinematic fare. Possible titles include, but are certainly not limited to: How America Got Trumped, We Cried Over Cheetos, and The Fault in Our Emails. The Cheeto title is my personal favorite, but given the scandal surrounding emails regarding both the past election and current administration, the email one may prevail.

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An Ever Closer Union

Our allies across the pond recently saw a simple question on a referendum ballot: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?[i]” The answer shocked europhiles and pleased euroskeptics; with a turnout rate of 72.2%, the people voted to “Leave” the European Union 51.9% to 48.1%.[ii]

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Post-Election Night

Whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being, the College Democrats of New York will be doing whatever we can to see them elected, because we are a party that believes we are defined by our ability to come together, despite our personal disagreements. We are a party of unity, not shouting, showboating, or demagoguery.

It’s going to take serious organizing - registering voters, making phone calls, and knocking on doors. But I’m confident we can get it done.

See you in 2016.

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