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NYS Assemblymember and NYC Mayor's Youth Liaison Honored at the College Democrats of New York's NYC Summer Fundraiser

Last week, the College Democrats of New York (CDNY) hosted their third annual Red, White, and Democratic Blue Summer Fundraiser. At the event, NY Assemblymember for the 79th District and DNC Vice Chair, Michael Blake, and Eden Tesfaye, Youth Liaison for Mayor Bill de Blasio were commended for their work and made CDNY honorary members.

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Statement from the College Democrats of New York on Trump's Transgender Military Ban

Donald Trump, despite promising to 'fight for the LGBT community,' has repeatedly let us down.  After his  administration removed federal guidelines designed to protect transgender students, Trump and his allies still attempted maintain a facade of acceptance for the LGBT community. After today's tweet storm, in which the President of the United States declared transgender Americans unfit for military service, it is fundamentally clear that Donald Trump is no friend of the LGBT community.

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Statement from the College Democrats of New York on Senate Health Care Vote

“Yesterday’s vote in Congress exemplifies once again the ever more polarized environment that continues to grip our nation. It is more than just a simple procedural vote to begin debate––it represents two fundamentally different visions for our healthcare system. On one side, Democrats continue to fight for a healthcare system that helps all people regardless of their background. On the other side, Republicans strive to erase Obama’s landmark piece of legislation and create a healthcare system bent on supporting the healthiest, richest Americans at the expense of those that need affordable care the most,” said Ryan Trumbauer, Vice President of the College Democrats of New York.

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College Democrats of New York Name NY-22 a Priority Race for 2018

Following the campaign announcement from Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica, the College Democrats of New York (CDNY) has named the 22nd Congressional District a ‘priority race’ for 2018, the first of the election cycle to receive this designation. Over the course of the campaign, CDNY will work more closely with College Democrats chapters in these targeted areas to coordinate volunteer efforts and increase voter turnout to ensure electoral victory next fall.

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College Democrats of New York Create New Environmental Caucus

On June 1st 2017, President Donald Trump announced that he will withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, an action that unified 195 nations in battling global warming. The College Democrats of New York strongly condemns this announcement as it not only shatters America’s role as a global leader and rejects our responsibility as one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses but also severely endangers the entire ecosystem. Withdrawing is shortsighted, disgraceful, and destructive.

Therefore, CDNY believes it is the most opportune time to create a long over-due environmental caucus.

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