College Democrats of New York

College Democrats of New York is the official college outreach wing of the New York State Democratic party. As an affiliate of College Democrats of America, our goal is to empower young progressives one student at a time. We are committed to electing strong progressive Democrats in the state of New York and across the country.

Statement from the College Democrats of New York on Senate Health Care Vote

“Yesterday’s vote in Congress exemplifies once again the ever more polarized environment that continues to grip our nation. It is more than just a simple procedural vote to begin debate––it represents two fundamentally different visions for our healthcare system. On one side, Democrats continue to fight for a healthcare system that helps all people regardless of their background. On the other side, Republicans strive to erase Obama’s landmark piece of legislation and create a healthcare system bent on supporting the healthiest, richest Americans at the expense of those that need affordable care the most,” said Ryan Trumbauer, Vice President of the College Democrats of New York.

He added, “I believe in the Democrats because they will never stop standing with their constituents in refusing to let this toxic bill reach the hallowed floor of the United States Senate. I also extend my gratitude to Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who voted against the procedural vote, believing that the voices of their constituents should trump their own party’s ruthless agenda in moments like these.”

Claudia Stankiewicz, President of the College Democrats of New York, stated, “It is disgraceful to prioritize profit and partisanship over the lives of millions of Americans who have made it clear that they would be left without adequate coverage if this bill were to pass. The College Democrats of New York stand united with Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and all Democratic Senators who have fought tirelessly against the inhumane bill to strip healthcare.”

CDNY is confident that every Democrat––from elected officials across the nation to the members of our College Democrats chapters right here in New York––will continue to work to ensure that the Affordable Care Act is not repealed. We remain committed to stopping this appalling bill.