College Democrats of New York

College Democrats of New York is the official college outreach wing of the New York State Democratic party. As an affiliate of College Democrats of America, our goal is to empower young progressives one student at a time. We are committed to electing strong progressive Democrats in the state of New York and across the country.

Statement from the College Democrats of New York on Trump's Transgender Military Ban

"Donald Trump, despite promising to 'fight for the LGBT community,' has repeatedly let us down. After his administration removed federal guidelines designed to protect transgender students, Trump and his allies still attempted to maintain a facade of acceptance for the LGBT community. After today's tweet storm, in which the President of the United States declared transgender Americans unfit for military service, it is fundamentally clear that Donald Trump is no friend of the LGBT community. Considering that transgender Americans have fought and died for this country, it is appalling that our President would fail to treat this minority group with respect. Not only is this decision mean-spirited, bigoted, and designed as a 'wedge issue' to disrupt the 2018 elections, but it is factually inaccurate. Transition care for transgender service people costs $5.6 million per year -- a negligible number which makes up of the cost of three tomahawk missiles , and is less than 0.00000949263% of the 2016 military budget. If you are willing to fight and die for this country -- and are able to meet fitness guidelines -- you must be able to just that , regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation. This proposed policy from the White House is nothing more than a not-so-shrewd attempt to divide our country. While Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, along with the President himself, promised to stand for LGBT rights, they have quickly ignored our rights in preference to maintain  “political capital (to) be spent elsewhere,” as one senior White House official characterized it. Transgender service people are not political props to be utilized or thrown aside when the White House sees fit. They have fought and died for this country, and they deserve the utmost respect from our nation and our President. Transgender service people are an integral part of our Armed Forces, and by failing to stand by them, the President fails to stand by our nation and those who have dedicated their lives to protect it. This policy is politically motivated, bigoted, and simply unwise. We expect more from the President of the United States." - Charles Dunst, CDNY LGBTQ Caucus Chair.