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College Democrats of New York is the official college outreach wing of the New York State Democratic party. As an affiliate of College Democrats of America, our goal is to empower young progressives one student at a time. We are committed to electing strong progressive Democrats in the state of New York and across the country.

College Democrats of New York Declare NY-23 a Top Target

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2015

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NY-23 joins the 21st congressional district as a priority race for Democratic takeover

Albany, N.Y.—Following the campaign announcement of former Navy officer and White House aide John Plumb, the College Democrats of New York declared New York’s 23rd Congressional District a “priority race” for this election cycle. The 23rd district joins the 21st as one of the College Democrats’ top targets for electing a Democrat in 2016.


“We are seeing competitive races throughout the state as New Yorkers are tired of out of touch politicians,” said Jamie Zieno, President of the College Democrats of New York. Republican Congressman Tom Reed currently represents the 23rd district. During his tenure, Congressman Reed has voted with House Republicans 91 percent of the time, including taking every opportunity to vote for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.


“His record speaks for itself. Congressman Reed consistently puts politics before the needs of his constituents. New Yorkers deserve a representative who can reach across the aisle and serve country over party.” Unlike Congressman Reed, Joe Plumb’s versatile experience demonstrates that he will fight for the 23rd district, especially college students and middle class families.


Plumb, a Commander in the Navy Reserves, previously served six years on active duty for the U.S. Navy. He later earned his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering before transitioning into a career advising the Department of Defense and the White House on issues of national security.


“Joe Plumb has devoted his life to serving his country at home and abroad,” said Billy Bristow, Cornell University senior and Cornell Dems President. “He will champion the issues that matter most to young people—making college afford, advocating for student loan reform and creating good paying jobs. The contrast between him and his opponent couldn’t be clearer.”




The College Democrats of New York work tirelessly to elect Democrats to local, statewide and national office. A district categorized as a 'priority race' will receive additional resources and volunteers from an organization that has knocked on tens of thousands of doors, to ensure electoral victory.