College Democrats of New York Hold Rep. Stefanik Accountable and Stand Up For America's Students

Congressmembers receive F for failing to represent students. “It’s time for House Republicans to stop playing Washington politics and understand that their priorities are to focus on constituents back home.”

For Immediate Release: November 17, 2015
Contact: College Democrats of New York Communications Department
(607) 244-9307,

Albany, N.Y.—This week is American Education Week and the College Democrats of New York are excited to highlight the need for high quality and affordable education. In the U.S, Education Week serves as an important reminder of the growing need for reform to make college more affordable. Students and families all across America are in dire need for immediate reform. We need Representatives that can reevaluate educational standards to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed in any field they choose.

The Republicans have communicated loud and clear that their agenda is not prepared to assist students in meeting 21st century demands. Constant attacks on the Department of Education and Pell Grants prove that the Republican Party is out of touch with the needs of students. Rep. Elise Stefanik does not understand that the crushing burden of student loan debt stands as a massive barrier for high-achieving students to receive the education they deserve. As voters, we need to hold them accountable for selling out America’s students.

“Students represent the future of this country, and we have an obligation to every student in America to provide them with the high quality public education and the opportunity to pursue a college degree, regardless of their socioeconomic background,” said Jamie Zieno, President of CDNY. “It’s time for New York’s House Republicans to stop playing Washington politics and understand that their priorities are to focus on constituents back home.”

CDNY calls on all New York students to hold their elected representatives accountable when they fail to meet the educational needs of their constituents.  Representatives Zeldin, Katko, Stefanik and Reed  have proven to align themselves with far-right House Republicans and have repeatedly proven with their votes that they do not have constituents’ best interest.  By supporting the Ryan Budget that would cut $100 million in educational funding, these House Republicans show they are out of touch with New Yorkers. CDNY stands firm with students from across the nation, and will fight tirelessly to elect new leaders who are committed to advocating for their constituents—and not to playing politics.


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