We Are The

College Democrats of New York


Promoting Student Political Engagement

Our 36 chartered chapters in every corner of New York State take the lead in investing in and giving students a stake in their local communities. Our affiliate clubs work hard to register students and residents to vote, elect Democrats, and promote positive change around them through protests, club meetings, partnering with local organizations to work on community issues, and other initiatives. 

Electing the Next Generation of Democratic Leaders

We believe that New York State needs bold progressive leadership and we never stop fighting to make this a reality. Our members campaign for Democrats across the state in Local, State, and Federal elections not just in general elections, but off years, special elections, and cold snowy upstate winters. In 2018 we were in the front lines in dozens of the most of competitive congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly races.

Empowering New York Students

The next generation of college students will be entering an uncertain world saddles with mountains of student debt. We provide students with the resources to make the most out of their college careers by providing leadership opportunities, trainings, the opportunity to meet like-minded people, and a chance to determine the future course of New York State.


Let’s Build A Better New York Together